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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Judy says:

    Hi there!

    My name is Judy Lee and I came across one of your posts about collecting while researching for my new show. I don’t want to send you a crazy long message, but I wanted to just throw some info your way in case you or someone you know might be interested in talking to me about this new show. The basics are that we’re looking for Over the Top Shoppers and Extreme Collectors for our new show. It’s being produced by Emmy-nominated Asylum Entertainment and is looking to explore the issues of men and women who shop/collect to the extreme. I’ll just paste some info below in case you want to glance over it. If you think of anyone who might be interested, I would absolutely love to hear about them or from them. All my info will be below so please feel free to give me a call and ask me all sorts of questions. Thanks! Hope this wasn’t too weird 🙂

    Judy Lee
    Casting Director
    Asylum Entertainment

    All-new Docu-Series Seeking
    Extreme Shoppers!

    Do you or someone you know shop to excess?

    Do you spend more time and money shopping than most people?

    Is your home filled with things you don’t need and probably shouldn’t have purchased?

    Do your friends, family, or loved ones complain about how much you shop?

    This is a new project for a major cable network that will explore the issues of women/men who shop way beyond what most people consider normal.

    If you or someone you know embodies the phrase, “Shop til you drop”, we want to meet you!

    To be considered, please send us your name, contact info, occupation and detailed information on your situation. Make sure to put “Shopping Project” (Your Name)” in the subject line of your email and send to: JELCasting@gmail.com

  2. Roxy says:

    Omg do you still have that accent chair. Im looking for a second chair for my formal dining room . Please let me know if your interested in selling it . 🙂

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