Dish Obsession

I have an obsession with decorations for our dining room table…I need it to look like something straight out of an episode of Fixer Upper at all times! For about 6 years we have been using a dish set from Targets Shabby Chic collection that is all white with some beautiful raised patterns on the rim and I have loved it, replacing it was not something that had ever crossed my mind, that is until….I saw the new Pioneer Woman  Flea Market line at my local Walmart. So….this line is mostly mix and match, which, to be honest I have never been a huge fan of but this line is so perfect its unreal…perfectly mix-matched! I have picked out a blue dinner plate, a white and coral salad plate and a yellow, white and coral footed bowl and instructed my hubby that I need (yes, that’s right, need not want) this for Christmas and there will be problems if he doesn’t get them, lol. The best part about this set is that every piece of the dishes is less then $5.00 (Yes, less then $5.00, that is not a typo!) Beyond what I choose they have so many more amazing pieces, including a dish pattern that looks like watercolor flowers, stained glass drinking glasses (that are really heavy and nice), cake stands and serve ware!

dish Collage


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