Chubba’s First Haircut

Hello everyone. I’m on here doing my second guest blog. I like to give you my two cents from time to time….Well as you all know we have two amazing little boys Dominick and Jaxson.

Jaxson just turned one a few months ago and had yet to get his hair cut. The Wife insisted on letting it grow, She would always say ” I want it to be like Tom Bradys.” I don’t even know why she would say this as she hates Brady. So we would bicker back and forth about getting his haircut. Finally on friday I convinced her to take him for his first little haircut. On the way to the barber shop she mentioned that we hadn’t even discussed how we were going to get it cut, So me being me I suggested that we get it cut into a little fohawk and needless to say she agreed and now he has his first little hawk.

I asked her probably 100 times later that day if she regretted cutting it at all and she told me no and the she would do it again. He is like a totally new little boy. Here are some pictures from before and after. Please vote in the poll and let us know which look you like better and ladies please listen to your man he isn’t always wrong.

first hair cut photos


One thought on “Chubba’s First Haircut

  1. nevershagagreek says:

    I love his little hawk! It’s so adorable! He totally rocks it.

    On a side note, my son will be 2 in January and he still hasn’t needed a haircut. He’s really just now getting hair, poor kid.

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