Local Haunts

So by now I’m sure that anyone who has read this blog knows that in our house Halloween is a big deal!!!!

I always look forward to fall and Halloween activities in our area, it seems that there is something for everyone. Living in a small rural area definitely has it benefits when it comes to community activities and events. I wanted to share some of our favorite local places to go this time of year just in case anyone is in the area and needed to be pointed in the right direction!!!!

1. Bowles Farms. Clements, MD – www.bowlesfarms.com This is our absolute FAVORITE pumpkin Patch and is located right inside of St. Mary’s County in Clements, MD!!! They have so much to do and the pumpkin prices are awesome!!! There is a small fee to get in but compared to some other places that we have been it is very cheap and well worth it! You have to let the little ones play in the “corn” box, it is Dom’s absolute Favorite thing and he looks forward to it every year.

2. Markoff’s Haunted Forest http://markoffshauntedforest.com/ This one is for adults only!!!!! This is a very well-known area haunted attraction and will make even the bravest pee their pants! They have two locations; one in the National Harbor right outside of D.C and one in Dickerson, Md near Baltimore. If you are looking to truly be scared and maybe have some nightmares for a while then this is the place for you!!

3. Serenity Farms; Caspers Castle. Benedict, MD-  http://www.serenityfarminc.com/pdffile/kasper2010.pdf This is a great “haunted house” for kids! Even the big scardy cats that we have love this one! They do a great job of making it all about the kids. The admission fee is $10.00 and covers a tractor ride, petting zoo, caspers castle, a treat bag, a pumpkin, and face painting, it is a GREAT deal for your money. We always try to  make it to this, it is a community favorite and has been going strong for 17 years! Make sure to bring your jackets though because this is right on the water!!

4. Ghosts and Graveyards tour, Old Town Alexandria, VA-  http://www.alexcolonialtours.com/graveyard.html This tour is so much fun!!! This is something that the hubby and I try to do just the two of us every year. You will walk through the streets of Old Town Alexandria in the dark with your group and a guide and hear a fantastic mix of ghost stories and fighting history. Make sure you take your jacket to this one as well, it too is right on the water.

5. Bunny Man Bridge, Lorton VA- This is a pretty well-known haunted area…the hubby is really into it and I am WAY to scared to ever go so I will let him tell you about it……

Ok so here goes Bunny Man Bridge isn’t really much but a one lane tunnel that leads to a small bridge. It should really be called Bunny Man Tunnel because that really is the scary part. There is a lot of different stories about BMB but I will give you my personal encounters. The first time I ever made it out to BMB was on a late fall night probably my junior year of high school. To get back to BMB you head down this very dark windy road which in itself can be pretty creepy. Well the friend I was riding out there with his truck was acting up so we were a little worried about breaking down. Going down the road leading up to BMB we kept seeing little rabbits running across the road which is sort of ironic.  So you get to a T intersection and when you make the turn heading towards BMB it’s about 500 yards or so till you hit the entrance to the tunnel. So we make the turn and start slowly heading down to BMB. We stop about 200 to 300 yards away from the tunnel and the whole tunnel lit up. At first we thought it was from the headlights of a car but we waited and no car came through and that is when we noticed two shadows on the inside wall of the tunnel on was the size of an adult and the other the size of a small child. These shadows were heading thru the tunnel towards us. Once the second shadow disappeared off the inside of the tunnel the light went out. Needless to say we hightailed it out of there and didn’t head back.  Here is a link where you can read some of the stories and even take a look at the tunnel for yourself, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bunny_Man

6. Trunk or Treat, Indian Head MD- This is something that our town does every year in an effort to keep kids safe and off of the streets in the neighborhoods. Local homeowners and businesses volunteer to provide candy in the Village Green (FYI:The Village Green is kind of like a large park and town center, mostly all of our towns activities are held their). The organizers have all of the volunteers back there cars into designated areas side by side in two large U’s and all of the kids walk from car to car and collect there treats. People get really into in and decorate their cars and for businesses it is a great advertising tool because they can hand out their business cards with the treats so when parents go through the candy they will find them! Last year was our first year going and it was run so well and Dom came home with more candy then he could have ever gotten in a neighborhood and in a much safer way!


3 thoughts on “Local Haunts

  1. nevershagagreek says:

    I loved the bit about Bunny Man Bridge! I also loved the Wikipedia article. How bizarre that someone once thought it was a good idea to dress up in a bunny costume and threaten supposed trespassers with an ax???

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