Wedding Leftovers

While my husband and I were planning our wedding I kept hearing people talk about how things from their big day had taken over there houses after the wedding and I always thought they were just being a little dramatic.

wedding bouquet, dress and shoes, heelsandhomeWhen our wedding was over I actually tossed out my bouquet, sold my wedding dress and threw away my shoes…Im really not one just to keep things that have no everyday function or use, but the other day as I was looking around I may have realized just what some of those girls were talking about.

While sitting in our formal living room everywhere I looked was a small token from our wedding…It made me wonder how much wedding leftovers is too much???

1. Our Barbie and Ken wedding cake topper is in a shadow box on one of our bookshelf’s.

DIY projects, Barbie and Ken wedding cake topper, barbie cake topper, barbie and ken hallmark, shadow box, damask, pink wedding cake, brown and pink wedding, brown haired barbie, heelsandhome, heather groves

2. One of my husbands wedding converse shoes (that he is strangely attached to and in love with) is on one of our bookshelf’s.

Mikes Custom Wedding Converse, heelsandhome

3. On our fireplace mantle we have 3 photographs from the wedding.

Fireplace Mantle, heelsandhome

4. These are on one of our bookshelf’s. The table numbers at our wedding were important years in our lives and we had 2 pictures from that year on each table in these frames…it was really cute.

wedding table pics 2, heelsandhome

5. This is a shadow box that is on one of our bookshelf’s as well. It has our invitation, my garter and one of our table numbers in it.

wedding shadow box, heelsandhome

6. This is our china cabinet. In side it is our toasting glasses and some of our wedding china (which is my absolute most prized possession), on top of it are actually candle holders that we had at our table for the reception.

Wedding China Cabinet, heelsandhome

7. This is actually a brick from our church and the vintage brooch that I used for decoration on my bouquet.

wedding church brick and bouquet brooch


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