Recent Finds

So the first of my recent finds are these leaf candles. My mother-in-law works part-time at Hallmark and we were there the other day just to say hi and look around a little bit and we found these for $3.00 a piece! I couldn’t belive the price! I think they will look awesome on my Thanksgiving table! They had a ton of stuff on clearance, I couldn’t belive how cheap everything was!

Autumn leaf candles, heelsandhome

Now everyone knows that I am really into Foo Dogs and Buddhas right now and when we were at Home Goods not too long ago I came across this beauty….

White Foo Dog decoration from Home Goods, heelsandhome

At $30.00 this was more than we would normally spend for something like this but when we spotted it we could not have gotten it in our cart any faster!!!! It’s rare that we agree on something for the house the way we did this…it may be my favorite thing in the whole house.

Mountain Dew Vodka, heelsandhomeRecently we also found Mountain Dew Vodka by Three Olives. My hubby L.O.V.E.S his Mountain Dew so this was a great find for him! He has been trying it out in different ways and I don’t think he has found one that he doesn’t like yet! We also found Jello mix that you put soda in to flavor it so we are going to try to make Jello shooters with that, regular Mountain Dew and the Vodka! I cant wait to try it!

If you have any ideas for some drinks we can make with the M.D. Vodka please let me know…the hubby will be more than happy to give it a try!


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