Too Soon????

Will someone please tell me that it’s not too soon to put up my Halloween decorations????

Halloween is my favorite holiday so I am always EXTRA excited to get these decorations out of the attic and up around the house. Yesterday we got out one box of our stuff and I have started to put them out but I feel like putting them out on August 31st may be a little early even for me! Please tell me someone else out there has started putting these out too…I mean, if the stuff is out in the stores its ok to have it out in your house right? LOL.

Last year we found our ABSOLUTE MOST FAVORITE Halloween decorations that we have, they are resin candy holders that look like Dracula and Frankenstein! We found them at Ross and scooped them up for an amazing $12.00 a piece! Since then we have been looking for more with no luck!

resin candy holders, Dracula and Frankenstein, heelsandhome

We actually went yesterday to a few different stores looking at some of the  Halloween  decorations that they have out and we found some really great stuff at Home Goods and at Ross for REALLY great prices. We are going to go back soon and hopefully some of it is still there. It seems like everything is a little cheaper this year  compared to last so things might not last very long.

I need to find a really cute way to decorate our front steps, they are perfect for Halloween decorations, but the hubby wants something super scary looking and I want something more Martha Stewart looking…If anyone has any pics of something somewhere in between (if there is such a thing!!!) please send them to me!!! I need some inspiration!!!!! Here is a pic of Dom last year in front of our steps (please do note that I did edit this to be “hallo-weenish” so my house is not all torn up like it appears, lol!!!)

Dom Halloween 2010, heelsandhome, Halloween picture edit


One thought on “Too Soon????

  1. BeBe says:

    Absolutely not! Get them up so everyone can see your talent. But just remember the sooner you put them up the sooner the Christmas ones go up as well! LOL

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