This Second I Am Obsessed With

The Lattice collection from…wait for it, wait for it…..of all places Pottery Barn TEEN! Who would have thought that the teen store would have such great stuff! Now dont get me wrong I have a self proclamed love for all things Pottery Barn but I rarly ever check out the teen website, it just so happend that the catolog came to our house and I started to flip through it and fell in love with this collection. Check it out for your self:

Lattice Ohh La La chair from Pottery Barn TeenThis is the “Ohh La La chair, and dosent the name just say it all? I am very sad to say that the price tag on this is $349 but if you like it keep an eye out…I have noticed that things from the teen side go on clearence alot! My favrite one is the light blue…It makes me think about Breakfast at Tiffanys!


Lattice Rug from Pottery Barn TeenThis is the lattice rug. Dont you just love the geometic design? I love the light blue, grey and black colors…the purple, not so much! I can just envision this in our formal living room or maybe even our bedroom! I think I scared the hubby a little when I started asking measurment questions about the living room while flipping though the catolog!

Lattice collection curtains from Pottery Barn Teen


These are the Lattice curtains. They would look great in so many rooms, I just love them!







Tear Drop Chandelier from Pottery Barn Teenand this is the Teardrop chandelier from Pottery Barn Teen. It is very similar to one that is sold in regular Pottery Barns but it is a fraction of the cost at $129.00! I love it….it has a very old Hollywood feel to it!


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