Halloween Costumes

Ok….So this year we are planning on having a Halloween party at our home for adults, kids, friends and family and I am having a very difficult time finding a costume that makes me feel pretty without looking like something someone who has come off of a street corner in Baltimore with a less than questionable hourly hotel behind it would wear!

Months ago when I saw the glee episode on the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” I decided that I would be Magenta….BUT I do not want a run of the mill $20.00 polyester version that is sold everywhere, it has to look like the one-off of the show and with no time or patience to have that made by a professional so I am turning to my fellow bloggers for help!

Please throw out some ideas for me and send me pics of any ideas that you have if you can!!!!

I feel like since it is our party and Halloween is our favorite holiday that our costumes should be really good and very different.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes

  1. Emily says:

    Ah! Good luck with your hunting. Halloween has always been my favorite, but I’m a costumer so the costume itself is my easy part. I am curious about your party though! I’ve been wanting to throw a family friendly party, but I’m failing at everything but the decorations. Any advice on activities, foods, venues, etc?

    • mrsgroves07 says:

      we are actully going to have it at our home, primarily in the backyard. We found some great stuff last year after Halloween on clearence at stores like Michaels and Joannes fabric (we got some awsome Martha Stewart invites for like .50 a box!!!) as well as ebay and craigslist listings! As for activities and food we havnt really gotten that far yet, I have some general ideas but nothing that is decided yet. I have some things saved to my computer at home, I will email you some of them later on! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck with your planning!

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