Growing up

I am the first person to let anyone know that I am very emotional regarding our older son, Dom. He was born very premature and at a very difficult time in my life so I think due to that I feel an intense bond with him. For me, my life really started when he was born and just got better and better. Sometimes I think he has been my little good luck charm. When he was a baby I did not want him to crawl, walk or even talk. I wanted him to stay a baby forever and I cried every time he did something new. When he was 2 ½  we got rid of his toddler bed and bought him a “big boy” twin bed, he was so happy and excited when we brought it home and while he was smiling from ear to ear and jumping on it my poor husband thought that I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I was a complete mess, to me that was a big deal and it was a material reminder that he was not going to stay little forever. (Let’s not even talk about how I felt when we went from his crib to the toddler bed!!!)

The bad thing is that I am not a terribly emotional person and I know that acting like this over him growing up is silly but I just can’t help it. No matter how hard I try to fight the tears there are just no stopping them!

Now he is 5 years old and we are 11 days away from his first day of school. I took that day off from work knowing full and well how emotional I will be….but now as I think about it maybe I should have taken the whole week off.

Lately I have been looking back at pictures of him as he has grown up and I just can’t believe what an amazing little boy we have, how much he has changed,  and how big he has gotten (at birth he was 3 pounds 8 oz and last night he weighed in for football at 47 pounds). I feel such a strong bond with him that it is almost physically painful for me to see him need me less and less. I know that boys will be boys and need their space so I am careful not to suffocate him or become overbearing (Thank god he is a momma’s boy or I would really be crazy).

Anyways…Since I have been looking back at his photo’s I thought that I would share some of them with you (besides, just talking about this stuff is making me all teary eyed). Here is Dom…Birth to age 5.

first years pictures, heelsandhome, heather groves, dominick

Please share stories with me about your kids first day of school or letting them go if you have them….I need to know I’m not alone in feeling this way and not crazy! Lol.


One thought on “Growing up

  1. BeBe says:

    Feeling emotional is very normal, that is a part of Motherhood. I remember Mike’s first day of school. He got on the school bus and started to cry and bang on the windows of the bus. As you Know I still emotional over things he does now, especially with you and the boys. You are not alone in this.

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