WWE Summerslam Is HERE

Ok, so most of you probably don’t know it yet but along with loving my “heelsandhome” I am addicted to WWE Wrestling(Go ahead, make fun of me now…get it out of your system)! Anyone who knows the WWE knows that Summerslam is one of the big four pay per views; the others would be Survivor Series, The Royal Rumble and WRESTLEMAINIA!

The main attraction the year (for me at least) is the main event with CM Punk and Cena. I am THRILLED that they are giving CM the push that they are, he sells story lines so well…he commits to what he is doing and really pulls it off. With my dear Edge so sadly retired early I think CM is the only person that could come close to filling the void that is left.

Anyways…So one thing that comes along with Summerslam that we always look forward to are the special 7-11 cups that are released in the month prior as a promotion. Year after year we run around to all the 7-11’s trying to find all of the different ones…Of course they don’t match the nice glasses that I have so they are always stored under the counter and the hubby is pretty much the only one that uses them, but it’s just one of those silly little things that we really like to do together. So far this year we have almost all of them and it wont be long before our 2011 collection is complete!

The matches for this Sunday are (along with our predictions, of course):

  • My prediction Orton
  • Hubbys prediction Orton

  • My prediction CM PUNK
  • Hubbys prediction CM PUNK

  • My prediction Beth
  • Hubbys prediction Beth

  • My prediction Sheamus
  • Hubbys prediction Sheamus

I guess great minds think alike… the hubby and I had all of the same picks! Dose anyone else have any predictions?

We normally watch the WWE three times a week; Smackdown, Raw, and then the re-runs on Saturday night so as you can imagine our 5-year-old is just as into it as we are. On his 5th birthday the WWE was actually in town for a house show and we decided that it would be the perfect time for him to see them live and he had the best time. We didn’t tell him where we were going untill we got there… when he saw the merchandise with the wrestlers on it and figured out where we were he went CRAZY! He had to have a ReyRey mask and shirt (Rey Mysterio is his FAVORITE!). I wish I could have recorded him when ReyReys music hit, he could not contain himself. It was so funny, the whole time he was yelling at the wrestlers and screaming there names…I had never seen him so extroverted! I was so impressed that even though it was just a house show what a great job they did with it, it didn’t seem like they cut any corners…and it gave our little man a memory that I don’t think he will ever forget.


One thought on “WWE Summerslam Is HERE

  1. Rick says:

    I remember when i took your husband to his first live show he had a blast. I differ with your predictions I feel Cena will win but we will see. What cups are you all missing i’ll keep my eyes open for them for you. 🙂

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