This Second I Am Obsessed With…

This second I am obsessed with;

The lion tattoo that Megan Massacare did on NY Ink. I must say that while I LOVE visible tattoos on men I was never big on the same thing for women, I have a few pieces but they can all be covered up or are very small but after seeing this tattoo I HAVE to have it…I am thinking about getting it on my forearm. The oddest thing is I have had a really hard time finding a good picture of it, below are the only two that I can find…if you have a better one, please feel free to send it to me!

If you have seen the episode with this tattoo you know these pictures just do not do it justice, it is amazing!

This second I am also obsessed with Margaritas from Chevy’s. I actually have never really liked anything with tequila in it (besides that I am also a terrible lightweight when it comes to alcohol) but these Margaritas are sooooooooo good. A girlfriend of mine convinced me to try one during happy hour after work and I was instantly hooked! Since then I have been trying to get the hubby back there so that I can have another one….the bad thing is that Chevy’s is also my favorite place to eat and he is a little (and by that I mean a lot) sick of eating there!!!! I guess well go back one day…. until then these picture will have to do. (Try the Mango, I think it’s the best)

Last but certainly not least…Chad Ocho Cinco. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a DIE HARD Redskins fan but I just cant help but love this guy. If you really pay attention to him you will see just how much he does for and with the fans.  Like in 2009, he flew some of his fans that did not live in the Cincinnati area out to EVERY home game…I mean who does that? Ocho Cinco does that! And Now that he has been traded to the Patriots (why they didn’t just trade him to the Redskins last year blows my mind!!!) he is going to live with a fan in the area for a few weeks, his requirements….the fan must have internet access and an Xbox! And people call him a diva, please! I love to watch him play no matter what team he is on, I really think that he brings fun back into the game!

And think about it…what other player in the NFL, or even sports in general do you think you would have more fun with?


4 thoughts on “This Second I Am Obsessed With…

    • mrsgroves07 says:

      that’s the funny thing about it…When I first saw it I just fell in love with it, for no particular reason, but the more I think about getting it the more significance I see. The biggest thing for me is that I feel like it represents being a mother, fierce loving, colorful and creative.

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