Recent Finds

I have found some great stuff for the house recently (thank you Home Goods)!!!

When we purchased our home one thing the hubby and I decided on was that we were not going to put anything in our home that we didn’t absolutely love, no matter how long we had to look for certain things (that would be the reason I still don’t have a desk for our formal living room!) and for the most part we have stuck to that. We have found a few things recently that I love so much that I just had to share.

We recently found these buddhas at 2 different stores, they are the start to a small collection! I think it would look great to have several of these that are all different sizes together on one shelf. The large one on the left is from Home Goods and the two smaller ones are from Ross. Since our Home Goods was put in about 1 1/2 ago I completely forgot what great stuff you can find at Ross, and for a little cheaper than other discount stores too!

This is another great thing we found at Ross. I looked and looked for an accent chair that I would fall in love with and to my surprise I came across it at Ross! I was about the same price as I had seen accent chairs at other stores ($120.00) but well worth it! I actually went back to the store like a week ago and saw that they had several different chairs in now as well….I am sad to say I could not convince my hubby to purchase another one!

On the left is a piece of canvas art from Pottery Barn that I fell 100% head over heels in love with, unfortunately it was $279.00 plus a huge shipping fee and tax! After a few weeks I finally had convinced my husband that we had to have them and he said if I waited until tax time we could order them then, sadly by the time our taxes came in Pottery Barn had stopped selling it!!! I was so upset! I looked everywhere for these and I could not find anyone that was selling them or even a good replica of them, I couldn’t believe it. It had just become one of those things that I could not see the space without! My hubby felt so bad that I had missed out on these that he went everywhere trying to find it for me…and he actually found them! He went to several different Home Goods and came across the ones that are pictured on the left and gave them to me for mother’s day! I was so happy, it made my year! It took us a while to get them up because I wanted them hung on a large floor to ceiling mirror that covers two walls in our dining room and it was hard to get something that would adhere to the glass and hold the weight of the pictures. We ended up getting some super strength epoxy from Lowe’s and heavy-duty plastic hooks from Target and it worked great!!! (I mean, they haven’t fallen down yet!!!) The best things about these is that not only are they VERY similar to the Pottery Barn version they were a MAJOR fraction of the cost! The funniest thing about this is the day after we finally got these hung….Pottery Barn started selling these on their website again, go figure!


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