Do you ever get in one of those moods when all you want to do is go to lowes and just spend hours and hours and when you look around your house all you see are projects that could be done?????  Well…Thats how I feel right now!

I think the best thing about owning a home is the ability to change anything that you want to…that is once you get the husbands permission and the father in-laws help, lol. You want to knock out a wall…sure, go ahead. You want to rip apart a bathroom…whatever, we have 2 more!

Looking around my house I see a few projects that I want to try to convince my husband are necessary but the two that I think are the most do-able are putting up wall paper on the wall the surrounding the inside of our front door and putting in our backsplash and accent wall around the fireplace (I want them to match so they flow together, they are on the same level in our house)

This is a picture of our current entry way. Right now I am really in love with geometric patterned wallpaper and I think this would be a great place to use it! I have found a few wallpapers that I like but I am hoping you can help me decide on which way to go. Look at some of the options below and tell me what you think would look best in the space….


The second project I want to get working on very soon is a backsplash for the kitchen and matching accent wall for our living room fireplace. The two rooms kind of join together so I think it would look really good for them to match and make the two rooms flow together.

My original idea was to use brown and tan stacked stone venner…then I realized how much that would cost and quickly moved on to try and find some new inspiration. I think that I have decided to use rough brick and paint them white. Below is a pic of the current spaces as well as a pic of what I hope it will look like!


6 thoughts on “Projects

  1. fulifaith says:

    Sweetie – It’s Kristina, I was looking at the backsplash thing and I could have sworn that when Mike and I were looking at Kitchen remodeling stuff recently that I saw tile that had the rough white stone look. I’ll have to ask him where we were at but it was likely Lowes. It looked so adorable but it wasn’t going to match a thing that we’d picked out for anything else.

      • fulifaith says:

        Not yet, we’ve been getting everything at the current house redone so that he can sell it before we buy the new house together. We might end up being here another year or three depending on the market so I figured we should make sure that it was decorated to make us happy… so new hardwood floors and paint in every room. The kitchen is the only thing left to do.

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