This Second I Am Obsessed With…..

Cake Love cupcakes. ANYONE living in the DC Maryland area should know this bakery menu by heart….and if you don’t please do so quickly, you are most definitely missing out!

This bakery was started by a lawyer here in the area who decided one day that he did not love what he was doing and decided that he wanted to open a bakery where everything was made from scratch. Since making this decision he has been featured on the food network several times and has a growing number of shops all around the area. The cupcakes are BEYOND TO DIE FOR!!!! While everything that I have tried from here is great the best thing that I have found is their banana chocolate chip cupcake… is heaven on earth! Here is a link to the website (if you don’t live in the area I belive they will ship to you!!!) and some of my other favorites

Framed letters. I love everything that you can do with these wooden letters and today I came across another great idea; this one is from a shop on etsy. I am going to try to make a DIY version of this soon.

LARGE Vintage Frame with Your Choice of Fabric and Your Custom Initial w/ FREE Shipping

Lastly, but certainly not least…. Betsy Johnson heels. I swear, if any one ever got the Barbie look it is Ms. Betsy Johnson. The things that she comes up with just blow me away, they are so much fun and ultra feminine! While these heels may not be great for day-to-day wear they are perfect when you want to feel like a doll!


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