Where the Wild Things Are

The book “Where the Wild Things Are” holds a special place in our hearts. My husband and I tend to throw everything away, our motto is if it doesn’t have a place or an everyday use we don’t need it at all and were really not very sentimental about things, that being said… this book was my husbands favorite book as a child and the copy of it that he received when he was a very little boy has stayed with him over the years. One day our oldest son stumbled upon it and instantly became obsessed. It ticked my husband so much that he actually went and started a tattoo sleeve of the book on his arm, complete with our initials carved in one tree and our sons names carved in their own trees. (here are a few pics of it in progress and the link to East Coast Tattoo where he got it done, ask for Darren, hes AMAZING! http://www.eastcoast-tattoo.com/)

From there we decided to have a Where the Wild Things Are themed birthday party for the boys. Everything turned out so good, I couldn’t belive it. We had a Wild thing Pinata, cake and cupcake toppers, a Wild Thing cut out for pictures (we made everyone that was there take a pic with this thing), awesome goodie bags…..and a TON of other stuff. I was surprised at how hard Wild Things stuff was to find, we ended up having to either make most of the stuff ourselves or have things custom-made on Etsy, but it was sooooo worth it. We had a great turn out and the boys had a blast!

Dom was so happy with his party this year that he has already started talking about what we are going to do for next years party (I guess he’s going to be a planner like me). He has it narrowed down to 2 ideas, a Halloween themed costume party (Yet another thing he gets from me… Halloween is our favorite holiday) or a Super Hero Vs. Super Hero party (Dom the Super Hero Vs. Jax the Super Hero).


5 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are

  1. jess says:

    This is awesome! You are so creative and your children are beautiful! The party looks like something from out of a magazine.

  2. kelli mazur says:

    IM interested in where you found the arm tattoo’s and did u make your own invites or have them done? I am also throwing a where the wild things are 1st birthday for my sona nd having a hard time finding stuff as well! anything would help thankyou!

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