Dish Obsession

I have an obsession with decorations for our dining room table…I need it to look like something straight out of an episode of Fixer Upper at all times! For about 6 years we have been using a dish set from Targets Shabby Chic collection that is all white with some beautiful raised patterns on the rim and I have loved it, replacing it was not something that had ever crossed my mind, that is until….I saw the new Pioneer Woman  Flea Market line at my local Walmart. So….this line is mostly mix and match, which, to be honest I have never been a huge fan of but this line is so perfect its unreal…perfectly mix-matched! I have picked out a blue dinner plate, a white and coral salad plate and a yellow, white and coral footed bowl and instructed my hubby that I need (yes, that’s right, need not want) this for Christmas and there will be problems if he doesn’t get them, lol. The best part about this set is that every piece of the dishes is less then $5.00 (Yes, less then $5.00, that is not a typo!) Beyond what I choose they have so many more amazing pieces, including a dish pattern that looks like watercolor flowers, stained glass drinking glasses (that are really heavy and nice), cake stands and serve ware!

dish Collage


Guess who’s back…back again? lol, sorry I couldn’t help myself!

I have been gone for WAY too long and I know it! Our photography business took off and I really lost track of the time! I am so sorry! Keep an eye out for much more fabulous things for you and your home coming up very soon! I cant wait to share all of this new content with yall!

Barbie Barbie Barbie

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! My life is complete (or at least it would be if I stayed here…)

The Palms Casino and Hotel in good ol Las Vegas now has a Barbie Suite and it is BEYOND AMAZING!!!! They have several fantasy suites in there hotel but this one is by FAR the best!!!! Now if I could just convince the hubby to not only spend the money but stay in a all pink Barbie room…lol. Too bad we are already married…this would make for an amazing bachelorette party!

Barbie Suite

Barbie Suite

Chubba’s First Haircut

Hello everyone. I’m on here doing my second guest blog. I like to give you my two cents from time to time….Well as you all know we have two amazing little boys Dominick and Jaxson.

Jaxson just turned one a few months ago and had yet to get his hair cut. The Wife insisted on letting it grow, She would always say ” I want it to be like Tom Bradys.” I don’t even know why she would say this as she hates Brady. So we would bicker back and forth about getting his haircut. Finally on friday I convinced her to take him for his first little haircut. On the way to the barber shop she mentioned that we hadn’t even discussed how we were going to get it cut, So me being me I suggested that we get it cut into a little fohawk and needless to say she agreed and now he has his first little hawk.

I asked her probably 100 times later that day if she regretted cutting it at all and she told me no and the she would do it again. He is like a totally new little boy. Here are some pictures from before and after. Please vote in the poll and let us know which look you like better and ladies please listen to your man he isn’t always wrong.

first hair cut photos

Best Heels Ever

Ok…So by now everyone knows how much I love my leopard print heels and I have found another awesome pair. These are alittle on the punk rock side and I would love to be able to say that I would only wear them in the bedroom for my hubby to be a little wild but I cant even lie….I would wear these everyday if I could!!!!

Sam Edelman "Roza" Spike PumpsSam Edelman "Roza" Spike Pumps

They are the Sam Edelman “Roza” spike pumps! You can find them at Bloomingdale’s for $295.00. (I know, I know…they are out of my budget too but I had to share them!!!) Here is the link to them;